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Importance of Data Democratization

Every business has data and other information that they depend on for their operation. All the important information of the organization should be made available to all employees for the company to meet its target fast. If all workers in the organization are allowed to access the companies data and information, they will learn and feel motivated to help the firm achieve its set objectives. Thus it is advantageous to allow all employees to access the company’s data. In many firms data can only be accessed by the members of the IT department and the top executive officials. This was found to have several cons for the company was relying on some employees who when were absent everything could stop leaving the company with only one option which is to hire a specialist from outside to access and analyze the data for them. This is why organizations today practice data democratization. Data democratization is making the data available to all end-users for analysis and reporting the results. This has a lot of pros, which are discussed as follows.
The main advantage that a firm will get when it practices data democratization is that, most of its workers will learn the skills in data analysis and data interpretation. The open access to the organization’s data silo, every employee will get equal opportunity to learn about data analysis, processing, interpretation, and reporting. The firm will benefit a lot when most of the employees can analyze and interpret the data, they not have to hire a specialist from outside.

The other advantage that an organization that practice data democratization will have over others that do not is that as it expands, it will not have to employ new data analysts. The business organization usually expand as time changes. As the company expand, the data and information it will need to process will also be voluminous. Thus, the firms that depended on few IT members for data analysis will have to employ other IT specialist to increase the work output. But the business was practicing data democratization it will not have to employ new data analyst because most the employees will have the skills to analyze the data.

The third benefit of practicing data democratization is that data and secrecy of the company is kept with the members only. Many business organizations will try to prevent its secrets from leaking out to the competing firms. By practicing data democratization, the company gives all members opportunity to learn the skills in data analysis so that they will have enough manpower not to hire a specialist from an outsider who can leak their secrets.

These are the merits of opting for data democratization.

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